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Pest Control Services in Hyderabad

Best Pest Control Services in Hyderabad

Advanced Pest Controls offering Pest Control Services in Hyderabad since 1999.  We offer various kinds of pest control services like Termite control, Rodent control, Cockroach control, Mosquito control, Fly control. We cater to Residential and commercial clients. With our Expertise in this field and a team of professional and experienced Staff, we are proud to have a list of satisfied clientele. With these years of experience, we have understood the demand of customers in preventing pests which cause harm to human beings. We use proven and tested methods of pest control and ensure safety of you and your loved ones.

Advanced Pest Controls are the professional and affordable pest control services in Hyderabad. The main objective of our services is to create pest-free environments for our customers without causing any health hazards. We provide pest management services which are carried out systematically by the experienced and trained Professionals. We provide Eco-friendly pest control management services. Pest Control Hyderabad costs are affordable when compared to other service providers in Hyderabad.

We offer our pest control services in Hyderabad to different sectors like government and private companies, Libraries, Hospitals, Restaurants, Corporate Sectors, Scientific Laboratories, Industrial Areas and Residential Apartments, Garment Factories and Commercial Building Complexes.

Looking for Best Pest Control in Hyderabad?

We know how to protect your family, home and business with our pest control Hyderabad


Termites are insects which live in large groups which have up to million families. Termites mostly feed on dead plant material and cellulose, generally in the form of wood. Termite caused very severe damage to wood structures. With our termite pest control solutions, you will able to get rid of termites…


Mosquitoes are harmful insects that causes various diseases such as malaria, chikungunya, yellow fever, filariasis and dengue. Mosquitoes are difficult to control. Even though it is necessary to get rid of mosquitoes from our homes and offices. Our proven methods will help you to reduce mosquitoes pest problem.


Cockroaches are one of the most common insects that invade our lives.Cockroaches are hardy creatures and they can survive in freezing temperatures without food for months. Cockraoches can even survive for up to a week without its head. But Cockroaches can pose serious health risks…


Flies are insects which ruin our happiness with their buzzing sound. There are many species of flies worldwide and housefly is the most common species. Houseflies carries different kinds germs and it will cause many harmful diseases such as typhoid, fever, dysentery, plaque and other diseases.


Rodents are some of the most adaptable creatures. They can be found throughout the world. They have over sized teeth, using that they can chew variety of items in our home and cause great damage. Through their saliva, feces and urine, many varieties of bacteria, viruses and diseases are transmitting to us.


Spiders are one of the most feared pests. Spider webs are one of the biggest annoyances with spiders. Spiders usually reside in the darker areas of the house and yard. Some people prefer spiders to stay outside where they belong. Advanced pest controls will perform a thorough spider infection….


Snakes are the most vicious and poisonous creatures around the world. They kill other animals as well as mankind. Snakes inside of the house are usually living in cracks along the foundation. Only way to keep snakes away from your home and property is to approach professional pest….


Pests are high-risk threats in the industrial premises and similar to manufacturing industries. They damage your machinery things and also can harm your employee’s health and it leads to revenue loss. To solve your pest’s problem we are only a call away with our professional pest control services in Hyderabad.

Why Choose Our Pest Control Services in Hyderabad

Advanced Pest Controls provides unbeatable pest control services to our customers every step of the way.

Advanced Pest Management Solutions are the pioneers in the Eco-friendly pest management solutions, the first of its kind in the country by keeping abreast of the latest developments and use only those chemicals which are approved by WHOPES and EPA.

We have started our company in the name of Technical Pest Control Services in Hyderabad, in the year of 1999. Now it’s firmly known as Advanced Pest Management Solutions., The conceptual approach towards the pest problems made “APMS” popular in all sectors of the market.

Our Company has been certified from International Pest Management Consultants which is known as IPMC. And we are the honorable members in Pest Control Association of India which is known as PCAI.

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