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About us

Advanced Pest Control Solutions are the pioneers in the Eco-friendly pest management solutions, the first of its kind in the country by keeping abreast of the latest developments and use only those chemicals which are approved by WHOPES and EPA.

We have started our company in the name of Technical Pest Control Services in the year of 1999. Now it’s firmly know as Advanced Pest Management Solutions, which is providing various pest control services to control the pests like Termites, Mosquitos, Flies , Cockroaches, Rodents, Snakes and Spiders  We also provide services for Factories & Industries. The conceptual approach is towards the pest problems made “APMS” popular in all sectors of the market.

Why Our Pest Control Services?

Our Company has been certified from International Pest Management Consultants which is known as IPMC. And we are the honorable members in Pest Control Association of India which is known as PCAI.

 “Advanced Pest Management Solutions is an effective & environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common sense practices. Advanced pest management programmers use current comprehensive information on the life cycle of pests & there interaction with the environment. This is a combination with available pest control methods to manage pest damage by the most economical means & with the least possible hazard to people, property & the environment.  Advanced pest management takes advantage of all appropriate pest management options including, but not limited to the judicious use of pesticides. Advanced pest management is not a single pest control method but rather a series of pest management evaluations, decisions & controls.” We also provide pest control services for Factories & Industries.

Our Pest Management Services are Anti – Termite Treatment (Pre & Post Construction), Rodent (Rat) Control, General Pest Control (Cockroach & Ants), Mosquito Control, Fly Control, Lizard Control, Honey Combs, White Ants and Woodborer Control… etc.

Based on our experience, we believe with expertise at “APMS” we can help with effective Pest Management / Control.

Technical Pest Control works on four-tiered approach.

Before taking any pest control action, firstly sets an action threshold, a point at which pest population or environmental conditions, indicates the pest control activity must be taken.

Not all insects, weeds & other living organism required control, many organisms are innocuous. Integrated pest management work to monitor for pest and identify them accurately so that appropriate control decisions can be made. In conjunction with action threshold. This monitoring & identification removes the possibility that pesticides will be used when they are not really needed.

As a first time of pest control Technical pest management works to manage garden/indoor space to prevent pest from becoming a threat. These control methods can be very effective and present little to no risk to people or the environment.

Once monitoring, identification & action thresholds then evaluate the proper control method both for effectiveness & risk. Effective, less risky pest controls are chosen first including highly targeted chemicals such as pheromones to destruct pest native or mechanical control such as trapping or breeding. If less risky controls are not working than additional pest control methods could be employed such as targeted spraying of pesticides. Monitoring of the pest & record keeping in a Technical pest management program.

Our Service Procedures include the following:

  • Inspection of the facilities to determine the level of Pest Infestation.
  • Recommendations on Structural and Sanitation issues.
  • Recommendations on a suitable IPM program for the facilities (Frequency of Service).

We are very successful in our strategy which is providing a Quality Service at affordable Prices. We have an excellent track record in the quality of service and after sales service. We strictly follow the conditions, rules & regulations set out by the Department of Agriculture under the Plant & Pest Control Act.

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