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How to Get Rid of Termites – Easy Tips

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termite treatment, termite control, termite control services in hyderabad, termite treatment in hyderabad, pest control services in hyderabad, pest control,Termites elimination can be a favorite pastime if one is not seeking aid or advice of professionals in their elimination. There is no pun intended but what is implicit is that, termites are a household headache, so why not give them a treatment ourselves than an outsider appearance. Ironically, if one wants to terminate termites, he/she should have the same patience and persistence as termites as they take long enough to eat away one’s belongings.
So, here’s the modus operandi to get rid of termites.

1. Do not rush: As said earlier, one has to devote and dedicate time to deploy right approach or strategy in their elimination.
2. Trace them: Next comes spotting them. Once the procedure has been finalized, trace termites location. Hollow sounds from the wood when beaten, strength of the wood or mud leftovers are hints to trace them.
3. Genus identification: All termites are not one and the same. Hence forth, different approaches are needed for different kinds of termites. There is no one size fits all kind of approach to eliminate termites. So, apply stronger approaches or treatment methods to stronger group like Subterranean and weaker or mild methods to Drywood termites.
4. Treatment methods:
a. Orange oil: Apply necessary amount of the oil inside parts of the affected wood. But do not expect results in a jiffy. (This statement applies to all the treatment methods.)
b. Microwaves: One of the most efficient methods that are in vogue. However the place of your stay is prime factor to be considered to know whether this technique can be applied or no.
c. Passing electricity: This is another most efficient technique. Here lighter amount of current is allowed to pass thorough infected objects for termites to get killed themselves.
d. Sunlight passage: This is freely available and easily to perform. Put out the objects under Sun for the Sun to do its job.
e. Painting: Painting wood also helps as termites shall be reluctant to infest them.
5. Termiticides also known as termite bombs are another technique to eliminate termites. They are placed at designated infected areas and when termites come in their contact, they die.
6. Borate products like Boric acid or Bora care can be used for efficient killing of termites and for better results.
7. Common salt or Sodium Chloride is readily available in every household. This is one of easiest methods and do not require any expertise. Soak few cotton balls in water containing table salt. Place them inside infected areas and sit back and relax for the results to come.
By making usage of any of one or a combination of two can help you in termites riddance. However take extra care to keep these –cides away from children or even from adults who do not know their ‘how to use’.

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